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Lost heirloom wedding band diamond ring

LOST heirloom wedding band diamond ring

1/20/2021 Wednesday Morning. Clearwater . It’s a gold ring with 1 large diamond in the center with clusters of diamonds around it. This was giving to me by my mother and it means the...... more.
Lost brown MK wallet

LOST brown MK wallet

Reward $100.00 1/16/2021 Saturday Night. Santa Monica . Lost my women’s brown Michael kors wallet the night of 1/16. Either lost on the beach @ Santa Monica (near the pier), on Ocean Ave, or somew...... more.

LOST wallet

Reward $50.00 1/16/2021 Saturday Noon. panama city beach. pink flamingo wallet... more.

LOST Camera

1/15/2021 Friday Morning. Gatlinburg . Canon camera with a blue carrying case.... more.
Woman’s platinum Wedding band

LOST Woman’s platinum Wedding band

Reward $50.00 Scottsdale. Womam’s Platinum and diamond wedding band... more.
Expensive Bracelet Sea Isle

FOUND Expensive Bracelet Sea Isle

Sea Isle City. On Jan1 I found a nice bracelet in Sea Isle. Track your steps and tell me where you lost it and what it looks like and Ill give it back.... more.

LOST Wallet

Reward $50.00 Bakersfield. Green and yellow wallet caseID for disabled adult Need for medical care... more.
Heart shaped diamond

LOST Heart shaped diamond

Reward $1,000.00 Cary. Just under 1 carat fell out of my wife’s ring somewhere around Cary NC. SHE IS HEART BROKEN.... more.

LOST Purse/wallet

iPhone 7 plus

LOST iPhone 7 plus

Reward $25.00 Clearwater Beach. Black Iphone 7plus. If the case is still on it, it was clear with glitter moving around in the case, and the case had pictures of flowers i...... more.
Brown wallet

LOST Brown wallet

Hunington. Lost a brown bifold wallet at Hunington Beach on the 27th of November. If anyone has any information please contact me... more.
Lost Jewelry in Cannon Beach, OR September 2020

LOST Jewelry in Cannon Beach, OR September 2020

Reward $500.00 Cannon Beach. Lost Wedding Ring, Infinity Diamond Ring, Infinity Earrings & Diamond Stud Earrings. All were wrapped in a black mask. It would have been ...... more.
Paper bag  in front of chocolate monkey had sweatshirt and other items.

LOST Paper bag in front of chocolate monkey had sweatshirt and other items.

Just a shot in the dark hoping someone turned in a bag from chocolate monkey, it had fudge in it lol and a small bag from ripleys aquarium a...... more.
Military dog tag

LOST Military dog tag

Gatlinburg. Dog tag for Kirk Powell Jennings... more.
Diamond ring

LOST Diamond ring

Reward $1,000.00 Atlanta . Platinum square diamond ring... more.
Lost diamond earring

LOST diamond earring

naples. Dangle earring with 2 diamonds... more.
Hand gun

FOUND Hand gun

Owensboro. Lewisport Ky... more.
Class ring

LOST Class ring

Reward $100.00 Kansas city. 2002 graduation ringWhite gold with drama faces on one side ?? on other red ruby stone with Griffin mascot inside stone on inside of band me...... more.
Wedding and engagement ring

STOLEN Wedding and engagement ring

Reward $100.00 KANSAS CITY. White gold wedding band was my mothers my father died and about 6 years later we were struggling the ring was stolenRing size 7 or 8 I think...... more.
White Samsung J7 no case

LOST White Samsung J7 no case

Ocala. Samsung J7 model 2016. Many important documents and photos needing back. Possibly lost around Walmart on 19th in ocala florida... more.
Deadpool wallet

LOST Deadpool wallet

Reward $5.00 Ogden. Debit cards, 60 to 80 cash, personally significant gift from little brother.... more.
Gold men’s ring

FOUND Gold men’s ring

Erie . Men’s gold band, inscription inside, initials and date... more.
Wedding Band

FOUND Wedding Band

Las Vegas. Found a wedding band today. Reply to email with identifying marks, materials, area it was lost in, approximate time, approximate value.It is...... more.
Oogie boogie wallet

LOST Oogie boogie wallet

Reward $50.00 Spartanburg. The nightmare before christmas oogie boogie wallet. Its black and green. Has oogie with his dice on it. It has all mine and my sons stuff i...... more.
Military dog tag

LOST Military dog tag

Reward $10.00 Gatlinberg. Military dog tag in Gatlinberg Tenn. Name on tag Kirk Powell Jennings... more.
lost memorial hospital parking lot cross necklace 10 20 2020

LOST memorial hospital parking lot cross necklace 10 20 2020

Reward $50.00 Houston . If you found a small silver color cross in the parking lot at memorial hospital 610 & ella , houston texas . PLEASE PLEASE help get it back ...... more.
Coach wallet

LOST Coach wallet

Ny. Had regular drivers license, military id, a few other cards, a picture of my son, his father and I in a photo booth. And my insurance card... more.
Brown wallet

LOST Brown wallet

Reward $100.00 Stockton. No money just all my id, debit cards, social security number and more... more.


Reward $5.00 Lynwood. I lost this item back in late April when I left it on the grass by the lower field of my school (Which is Olympic View in Washington state, ...... more.
Wallet with $100 bill design

STOLEN Wallet with $100 bill design

Reward $100.00 Modesto. A mens wallet with an ID card , debit cards, and social security card inside. Its my boyfriends wallet. If found please please return it... more.
Validium silver class ring 1995 female

LOST Validium silver class ring 1995 female

Evansville. Validium silver class ring Harrisburg IL 1995 Cathy CAK Initials. Last seen at the old kramers lake a friend dropped it in between the mens ...... more.
Set of keys

LOST Set of keys

Reward $50.00 Panama City beach. Set of car and work keysKeys have a Kia key fob along with several unique keys darthvader and yoga and several other unique key... more.
Tanzanite ring

LOST Tanzanite ring

Reward $180.00 22405, 22041. At the beginning of these year between Dec 15th 2019-Jan 3rd 2020 I lost my rose gold tanzanite ring. It may have fallen from my purse in th...... more.
White Coach Purse

LOST White Coach Purse

Columbus. I lost a White Coach Purse near 5258 Cemetery Road, Columbus, Ohio. If you have seen it, please call me: 516-304-9401. I will pay $50-$100!... more.
2005 class ring

LOST 2005 class ring

indianapolis. It has a garnet stone and volleyball on one side, I dont remember whats on the other side. I lost it in the hospital in Indianapolis... more.
Hobo purse

LOST Hobo purse

Reward $100.00 Sevierville . Hobo brand tan leather purse with wristlet wallet inside $100 reward... more.
Vintage pendant donated by accident at Savers, on Warm Springs, in Henderson, NV on

LOST Vintage pendant donated by accident at Savers, on Warm Springs, in Henderson, NV on

Henderson, . It’s a pendant with seed pearls and garnets, gold as well, old piece from 1900’s, the piece is quite precious and sentimental to me, would b...... more.
Glasses   tortoise shell, prescription

LOST Glasses tortoise shell, prescription

Asbury Park. Glasses- thick rimmed, prescription, brown and black tortoise shell... more.


oceanside. lost my female prescription glasses and several rings on key rings on the right side of the oc pier Sunday and cannot see anything... more.
Leather wallet old town temecula

LOST Leather wallet old town temecula

Reward $50.00 Temecula. Brown leather with initials KD embroidered as well as embroidered flag... more.

LOST Wallet

Reward $300.00 Naples. I was at Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park today (10/6/20) and lost my wallet. It is black and has a TN drivers license inside. You can keep al...... more.
Silver and Turquoise bracelet

LOST Silver and Turquoise bracelet

Packwood . Thin silver and turquoise cuff bracelet. Size of turquoise piece about 1/2 inch in size... more.
Silver bracelet with turquoise

LOST Silver bracelet with turquoise

Packwood . Thin silver cuff bracelet with a turquoise center piece. About 1/2 inch in size.(the turquoise piece)... more.
Lost wallet on 24 Sep 2020

LOST wallet on 24 Sep 2020

cannon beach. , I have lost my wallet during my visit to cannon beach on 24-September-2020 between 9 am to 12 PM.Please find the description it is Brown ...... more.
Engagement ring

LOST Engagement ring

Reward $300.00 pismo beach . twits solitaire princess cut diamond ring, has one main diamond and 4 smaller ones on the sides. super important please help.... more.
Three stone wedding ring

LOST Three stone wedding ring

Reward $1,000.00 Gulf Shores. White gold three stone round cut ring. 1CT total weight. Additional 5 stone band attached... more.
Camera battery

FOUND Camera battery

panama city beach. Panama City Beach found a battery to a camera. Light turns on so it's not damaged. Just want to return to owner.... more.

LOST Wallet

27513. small lady wallet... more.
Gold loop earing

LOST Gold loop earing

Reward $50.00 Gulf Shores. Gold loop earing... more.
Gold loop earing

LOST Gold loop earing

Reward $50.00 Gulf Shores. Gold loop earing... more.

LOST Wallet

Panama City . Lost wallet near Seahaven area... more.

LOST Earring

Reward $100.00 Kissimmee. Gold diamond j hook earring... more.
IPhone 11

LOST IPhone 11

Reward $300.00 Sons lost IPhone has red backing clear case!... more.
Lost Maserati Key Fob

LOST Maserati Key Fob

Frisco . Silver and Black... more.
Prosthetic leg

LOST Prosthetic leg

Reward $50.00 Solana Beach. Left foot prosthetic leg with a blue upper casing. Green and tan tennis shoe attached. Took off leg to get into car, had my wheelchair put i...... more.

LOST wallet

Huntington Beach . black day pack wallet and car keysTooth brush ect.... more.
Lost Wallet with military ID

LOST Wallet with military ID

Reward $60.00 Cape Coral. Black leather wallet with military ID and other driver license and credit cards.... more.
Versace Sunglasses

LOST Versace Sunglasses

Reward $50.00 Temecula . Prescription. Black tint and frames. Round wide type frame. Logos on side. Need desperately. Lost 8-16-20 in Temecula Wine Area. Specificall...... more.
Subaru car keys

FOUND Subaru car keys

Reno. I found a set of Subaru car keys on west and 2nd street... more.
Gold charm bracelet

LOST Gold charm bracelet

Gold charm bracelet, with vintage class ring 1943, calendar charm with April 1, gold cross with gem in center, heart charm with nicknames... more.