What is amagone.com?

Amagone.com is a website dedicated to reuniting people with their lost or stolen possessions.

Do I need to join?

No. Anyone can post Lost, Found, or Stolen items on amagone.com at any time. All you need to provide is a valid email address so we can send you a verification message with a link to click to activate your post and show it on our website.

Why become a member?

Although you don't need to become a member to use amagone.com, there are advantages. If you join and become a member, you can log in with your user name and password and create and edit your posts without email verification. You can also see responses to your posts on the website as they occur without having to wait for, or check email.

Where's my verification email?

If you posted an item on our site and didn't receive an email from our site with a link to verify your post, there is a good chance the message ended up in your spam or junk email folder, so please check there.

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