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Etched pewter women’s ring, engraved on inside

Etched pewter women’s ring. The ring is heavy and was in great shape. The etching looks like lines drawn across the width. The etched marks are shiny but the rest of the ring is dull. The inside has two tiny squares that look like stamps both contain different pictures. One contains a picture of an apple. I will not say what the other one contains.

The ring looks like it could be from the 1950s but it’s actually over 100 years old. It was my great grandmother‘s sisters ring who was from Wales. It’s very precious to me.

Reward offered: $1,000.00

Once I confirm/ verify that the ring is mine I will pay the reward.

Location DetailsButler University
I attended Butler University at the time it was lost. I lived on what we called the “grassy knoll”. It was a street called Berkley Place. I lost it in the backyard of the house that I was renting. It flew off my finger when I was waving my arm. I looked for it for days along with several friends and we never found it.
Indianapolis IN. 46208

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