LOST 7/8/2023 Saturday Night.

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Wedding Set

3 years ago in August, I lost my wedding set around Shroyer Rd, caddy corner to the Flowerama, or across the street from the Speedway. I am still hoping that the person that found it will return it. It was 3 white gold rings soldered together. 2 of the bands( one my wedding band , and the other my 5 year anniversary band ) is 1/4 ctw ( each band) the middle ring is an emerald cut 1/4 ctw Diamond with baguettes halo. I have a picture and also the papers where we bought it from Helzburg Diamonds.

Reward offered: $1,000.00

I will pay in cash.

Location DetailsKettering
Dorothy Lane.. near the Flowerama and Speedway .
Kettering OH. 45429

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Jeff said:
Hi, I am randomly scrolling through this site and I saw your post. I was wondering how you lost your ring and if you know for sure it is there? I metal detect and look for lost rings for people. I am in Muncie, IN, and was wondering if I could maybe help you out. 3 years is a long time, but it could still be around there depending on the circumstances. Let me know if you want some help, or advice, and I hope you find it either way!