LOST 9/25/2018 Tuesday Noon.

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18 Kt gold charm bracelets with 22kt - 24 kt gold coin

18kt bracelet with Heart toggle closure And green tanzanite balls on each end of closure To fit in heart toggle. Chain also secured on bracelet for added security. Coin charms Are all from different countries in 22 kt or 24 kt gold, only one USA gold coin which is from Hawaii showing a Hawaiian woman doing the hula. There are coins on the bracelet from The Shah of Iran to two Popes. Pope Paul II and Pope Francis. There is a Mexican Peso and a Australian kangaroo and a New Zealand kiwi. There are many more on the bracelet from many countries I traveled. I have pictures of the bracelet from the times I would bring it in to have a coin added to the bracelet I would take pictures of the bracelet.

Reward offered: $5,000.00

The bracelet is priceless to me as I collected the coins over a 30 year period while working and traveling. I would never be able to replace those coins or the history to go along with them. I have no idea what the value would be on the bracelet, however I would pay just about whoever has it now believes it is worth to get it returned to me so I am able to pass it down to my daughter, who would then be able to continue to pass it down. It is more than just a bracelet, it has a lot of legacy and story to go with it. Which I wrote down for my child to go with each and every coin and would love to pass it down as it was meant to be when I started it in my twenties. No questions would be asked I just would love to have it returned.

Location DetailsArlington Mercedes Dealership
Bracelet was left in loaner vehicle from dealership while my car was being serviced. Remembered after driving away, drove back to dealership, by the time loaner vehicle was pulled back up had already been cleaned and bracelet gone. They get their loaners from Enterprise, so went to both Managers of dealership and Enterprise trying to work something out, got no where finally made a police report.
Arlington VA. 22205

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