LOST 4/24/2017 Monday Noon.

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I lost this item back in late April when I left it on the grass by the lower field of my school (Which is Olympic View in Washington state, It's a middle school) I left it there to participate in P.E but by the time I got back, the Dsi had vanished. The only thing I wish for is the sd card, if you have EVER found, or still have a blue xl dsi, PLEASE please I ask that you check the flipnote application on the dsi and see if there are any animations in there that are not the default ones, normally it comes with 5ish flipnotes I believe, so if there are any more then that PLEASE reach out to me!!! My discord is Axolotty#3636, you can even stay anonymous if you would like! And just copy the files from on there and send them through discord, I just want to see the drawings one more time, I'll even buy and send you a new sd card if you're able to help me in any way about this, it's been three years and I miss it so much, I made so many animations and friends on it, I just want to see them again, SO if you live in Washington, or have EVER bought a BLUE used dsi XL then PLEASE please open up flipnote and go to the sd flipnotes, if you do not know how to then just contact me and I can walk you through the steps! Thank you so much! I will also link my old sudomemo account, so if you see ANY of these animations on the dsi then it is mine! As a reward, I will let you keep said dsi and replace the sd card with a brand new one! as well as 5 extra dollars for just being a hood human, I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but this dsi means so much to me, and if you've read this far thank you. https://www.sudomemo.net/user/51FC6E607FBECC89@DSi
And here is my old middle school location 2602 Mukilteo Speedway, Mukilteo, WA 98275

Reward offered: $5.00

ALSO KEEP THE BLUE NINTENDO AND A BRAND NEW SD CARD!!! I know it's not a lot but it's all I can offer, I'm still just a kid after all.

Location DetailsIt was placed down by the lower field where the baseball field is, to the right of the small bleachers if you're looking at them from behind
Lynwood WA. 98087

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